Training Services

Harbour Consulting offers a range of specialist training courses aimed at improving your company’s performance. The selection of courses is continuously updated and expanded.

Our Current Training courses include:

  • Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) workshop. An effective S&OP process in vital to ensure the front and back end of the business are aligned to ensure optimum customer service and operational performance. Despite this many companies either have an ineffective process or no process at all. This course will train your staff about the importance of S&OP, how to design the monthly process maps, where and how to get the data, who should be involved, and what to do with the outcome.
  • Supplier Performance Management workshop. This course will teach you how to put in place accurate and relevant supplier performance metrics, and to construct supplier performance dashboards and other visual tools. Learn how these tools can be used to predict and overcome problems before they happen.
  • MRP workshop (Introduction to Advanced level courses). Most companies use a version of MRP to plan materials and production. However, many companies do not have their system correctly set up. This can cause problems with maintaining customer service levels, planning above capacity, high inventory levels and erratic supplier delivery scheduling. Our courses will walk you through how to set up and maintain the system correctly.
  • Cross Culture Training. This course is specifically aimed at China-Europe cross culture training and awareness, and is run by our subsidiary company Mandarin Express. For more details visit
  • An Introduction to 3PL (Third Party Logistics) providers. This course teaches you the benefits that can be achieved by using a 3PL provider, and how to choose the right partner for your company.

For more details on the courses, including price and availability, please Contact Us